Word of the day view

This page randomly selects a word from the dictionary and shows you the details.


At the top left of the display is a or button .

Arabic words are displayed both in arabic writing and in european letters. There are two options for displaying words in european letters- transliterated and pronounced. You can click on and to switch between the two. For more information about the differences between the two systems and an introduction to arabic writing, see Arabic Writing.

At the top right is a or flag that can switch the user interface between English and Arabic .

This block displays full details for the word. If available, you can click on to see all moods and cases of this verb, and to see example sentences that use this word.


This is the language of the word.


This indicates the function of a word in a sentence, for example Noun or Verb. See grammar for more information about this.

BNC rank

This indicates how frequently the word is used in english. The rank for arabic is not currently availiable, as there is no caucus of written egyptian arabic available for analysis.


This specifies the thesaurus category that this word belongs to. You can click on the thesaurus category to see a list of similar or related words.


This clarifies the meaning of the word.


The usage indicates how frequently the word is used: the options are

  • daily
  • regularly
  • occasionally
  • understood but rarely used
  • obscure- not always understood
  • no star - unrated


Many words have more than one grammatical form- for example, singular and plural. This section gives a list of all forms. If there is a button next to a form, you can click on it to hear somebody saying the word.


This section lists the meanings of this word in the other language. You can click on a word to switch to see full details for that word.