Egyptian Arabic Dictionary

General information

This is a series of short items relating to Egyptian culture, language and language learning.


ba'a بـَقىWays of using this common word with an elusive meaning
awy... alif or qaf?alif and qaf are pronounced the same by Cairenes, so how do you know which letter to use?
Learning Vocabularyhow to learn words efficiently


right to leftwhy does arabic writing go in the opposite direction to european writing?
texting in arabichow to use digits to represent arabic letters
Arabic numbersHow Egyptians write numbers


Breakfastwhat people eat for breakfast in Egypt
Lunchwhat people eat for lunch in Egypt
BreadAll about Egyptians' favourite food
ProduceEgyptian vegetables


The Higriya calendarSome background information about the muslim calendar
The Prophet's Birthday one of Islam's yearly festivals
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