Verb details

Word:(be) ruined(be) ruined 
Meaning:baazbaaZ  با َظ


for actions that happened in the past

I was'ana booztaacnaa bwZt أنا َ بوظت
We was'ihna booznaiicHnaa bwZnaa إحنا َ بوظنا
You(m) was'inta booztiicnta bwZt إنت َ بوظت
You(f) was'inti booztiiicnti bwZty إنت ِ بوظتي
You(pl) was'intu booztuiicntoo bwZtoo إنتوا بوظتوا
He/it(m) washuwa baazhuwa baaZ هـُو َ با َظ
She/it(f) washiya baazithiya baaZit هـِي َ با َظـِت
They washumma bazuhumma baaZoo هـُمّ َ با َظوا


used with modals (must, should, could, want to...

I might be'ana yimkin 'aboozaacnaa yimkin aacbwZ أنا َ يـِمكـِن أبوظ
We might be'ihna yimkin nibooziicHnaa yimkin nibwZ إحنا َ يـِمكـِن نـِبوظ
You(m) might be'inta yimkin tibooziicnta yimkin tibwZ إنت َ يـِمكـِن تـِبوظ
You(f) might be'inti yimkin tibooziiicnti yimkin tibwZy إنت ِ يـِمكـِن تـِبوظي
You(pl) might be'intu yimkin tiboozuiicntoo yimkin tibwZoo إنتوا يـِمكـِن تـِبوظوا
He/it(m) might behuwa yimkin yiboozhuwa yimkin yibwZ هـُو َ يـِمكـِن يـِبوظ
She/it(f) might behiya yimkin tiboozhiya yimkin tibwZ هـِي َ يـِمكـِن تـِبوظ
They might behumma yimkin yiboozuhumma yimkin yibwZoo هـُمّ َ يـِمكـِن يـِبوظوا


for actions happening now and habitual actions

I be'ana baboozaacnaa babwZ أنا َ بـَبوظ
We be'ihna binbooziicHnaa binbwZ إحنا َ بـِنبوظ
You(m) be'inta bitbooziicnta bitbwZ إنت َ بـِتبوظ
You(f) be'inti bitbooziiicnti bitbwZy إنت ِ بـِتبوظي
You(pl) be'intu bitboozuiicntoo bitbwZoo إنتوا بـِتبوظوا
He/it(m) beshuwa biyiboozhuwa biyibwZ هـُو َ بـِيـِبوظ
She/it(f) beshiya bitboozhiya bitbwZ هـِي َ بـِتبوظ
They behumma biyiboozuhumma biyibwZoo هـُمّ َ بـِيـِبوظوا


for actions that will happen in the future

I will be'ana haboozaacnaa habwZ أنا َ هـَبوظ
We will be'ihna hanbooziicHnaa hanbwZ إحنا َ هـَنبوظ
You(m) will be'inta hatbooziicnta hatbwZ إنت َ هـَتبوظ
You(f) will be'inti hatbooziiicnti hatbwZy إنت ِ هـَتبوظي
You(pl) will be'intu hatboozuiicntoo hatbwZoo إنتوا هـَتبوظوا
He/it(m) will behuwa hayiboozhuwa hayibwZ هـُو َ هـَيـِبوظ
She/it(f) will behiya hatboozhiya hatbwZ هـِي َ هـَتبوظ
They will behumma hayiboozuhumma hayibwZoo هـُمّ َ هـَيـِبوظوا

Active Participle

for some actions happening now (movement, thinking, sense)

I(m) am bing'ana baayizaacnaa baayiZ أنا َ با َيـِظ
I(f) am bing'ana baayizaaacnaa baayiZaö أنا َ با َيـِظـَة
We are bing'ihna baayizeeniicHnaa baayiZyn إحنا َ با َيـِظين
You(m) are bing'inta baayiziicnta baayiZ إنت َ با َيـِظ
You(f) are bing'inti baayizaiicnti baayiZaö إنت ِ با َيـِظـَة
You(pl) are bing'intu baayizeeniicntoo baayiZyn إنتوا با َيـِظين
He/it(m) is binghuwa baayizhuwa baayiZ هـُو َ با َيـِظ
She/it(f) is binghiya baayizahiya baayiZaö هـِي َ با َيـِظـَة
They are binghumma baayizeenhumma baayiZyn هـُمّ َ با َيـِظين