Verb details

Meaning:Aarraf biAarraf bi  عـَرّ َف بـِ


for actions that happened in the past

I acquainted'ana Aarraftaacnaa Aarraft أنا َ عـَرّ َفت
We acquainted'ihna AarrafnaiicHnaa Aarrafnaa إحنا َ عـَرّ َفنا
You(m) acquainted'inta Aarraftiicnta Aarraft إنت َ عـَرّ َفت
You(f) acquainted'inti Aarraftiiicnti Aarrafty إنت ِ عـَرّ َفتي
You(pl) acquainted'intu Aarraftuiicntoo Aarraftoo إنتوا عـَرّ َفتوا
He/it(m) acquaintedhuwa Aarrafhuwa Aarraf هـُو َ عـَرّ َف
She/it(f) acquaintedhiya Aarrafithiya Aarrafit هـِي َ عـَرّ َفـِت
They acquaintedhumma Aarrafuhumma Aarrafoo هـُمّ َ عـَرّ َفوا


used with modals (must, should, could, want to...

I might acquaint'ana yimkin 'aAarrafaacnaa yimkin aacAarraf أنا َ يـِمكـِن أعـَرّ َف
We might acquaint'ihna yimkin niAarrafiicHnaa yimkin niAarraf إحنا َ يـِمكـِن نـِعـَرّ َف
You(m) might acquaint'inta yimkin tiAarrafiicnta yimkin tiAarraf إنت َ يـِمكـِن تـِعـَرّ َف
You(f) might acquaint'inti yimkin tiAarrafiiicnti yimkin tiAarrafy إنت ِ يـِمكـِن تـِعـَرّ َفي
You(pl) might acquaint'intu yimkin tiAarrafuiicntoo yimkin tiAarrafoo إنتوا يـِمكـِن تـِعـَرّ َفوا
He/it(m) might acquainthuwa yimkin yiAarrafhuwa yimkin yiAarraf هـُو َ يـِمكـِن يـِعـَرّ َف
She/it(f) might acquainthiya yimkin tiAarrafhiya yimkin tiAarraf هـِي َ يـِمكـِن تـِعـَرّ َف
They might acquainthumma yimkin yiAarrafuhumma yimkin yiAarrafoo هـُمّ َ يـِمكـِن يـِعـَرّ َفوا


for actions happening now and habitual actions

I acquaint'ana baAarrafaacnaa baAarraf أنا َ بـَعـَرّ َف
We acquaint'ihna biniAarrafiicHnaa biniAarraf إحنا َ بـِنـِعـَرّ َف
You(m) acquaint'inta bitiAarrafiicnta bitiAarraf إنت َ بـِتـِعـَرّ َف
You(f) acquaint'inti bitiAarrafiiicnti bitiAarrafy إنت ِ بـِتـِعـَرّ َفي
You(pl) acquaint'intu bitiAarrafuiicntoo bitiAarrafoo إنتوا بـِتـِعـَرّ َفوا
He/it(m) acquaintshuwa biyiAarrafhuwa biyiAarraf هـُو َ بـِيـِعـَرّ َف
She/it(f) acquaintshiya bitiAarrafhiya bitiAarraf هـِي َ بـِتـِعـَرّ َف
They acquainthumma biyiAarrafuhumma biyiAarrafoo هـُمّ َ بـِيـِعـَرّ َفوا


for actions that will happen in the future

I will acquaint'ana haAarrafaacnaa haAarraf أنا َ هـَعـَرّ َف
We will acquaint'ihna haniAarrafiicHnaa haniAarraf إحنا َ هـَنـِعـَرّ َف
You(m) will acquaint'inta hatiAarrafiicnta hatiAarraf إنت َ هـَتـِعـَرّ َف
You(f) will acquaint'inti hatiAarrafiiicnti hatiAarrafy إنت ِ هـَتـِعـَرّ َفي
You(pl) will acquaint'intu hatiAarrafuiicntoo hatiAarrafoo إنتوا هـَتـِعـَرّ َفوا
He/it(m) will acquainthuwa hayiAarrafhuwa hayiAarraf هـُو َ هـَيـِعـَرّ َف
She/it(f) will acquainthiya hatiAarrafhiya hatiAarraf هـِي َ هـَتـِعـَرّ َف
They will acquainthumma hayiAarrafuhumma hayiAarrafoo هـُمّ َ هـَيـِعـَرّ َفوا


telling somebody to do something

You(m) acquaint!'iArafiicAraf إعر َف
You(f) acquaint!'iArafiiicArafy إعر َفي
You(pl) acquaint!iArafuiArafoo ِعر َفوا

Active Participle

for some actions happening now (movement, thinking, sense)

I(m) am acquainting'ana Aarrafaacnaa Aarraf أنا َ عـَرّ َف
I(f) am acquainting'ana Aarrafaaacnaa Aarrafaö أنا َ عـَرّ َفـَة
We are acquainting'ihna AarrafeeniicHnaa Aarrafyn إحنا َ عـَرّ َفين
You(m) are acquainting'inta Aarrafiicnta Aarraf إنت َ عـَرّ َف
You(f) are acquainting'inti Aarrafaiicnti Aarrafaö إنت ِ عـَرّ َفـَة
You(pl) are acquainting'intu Aarrafeeniicntoo Aarrafyn إنتوا عـَرّ َفين
He/it(m) is acquaintinghuwa Aarrafhuwa Aarraf هـُو َ عـَرّ َف
She/it(f) is acquaintinghiya Aarrafahiya Aarrafaö هـِي َ عـَرّ َفـَة
They are acquaintinghumma Aarrafeenhumma Aarrafyn هـُمّ َ عـَرّ َفين