Verb details

Meaning:hala'Halaq  حـَلـَق


for actions that happened in the past

I shaved'ana hala'taacnaa Halaqt أنا َ حـَلـَقت
We shaved'ihna hala'naiicHnaa Halaqnaa إحنا َ حـَلـَقنا
You(m) shaved'inta hala'tiicnta Halaqt إنت َ حـَلـَقت
You(f) shaved'inti hala'tiiicnti Halaqty إنت ِ حـَلـَقتي
You(pl) shaved'intu hala'tuiicntoo Halaqtoo إنتوا حـَلـَقتوا
He/it(m) shavedhuwa hala'huwa Halaq هـُو َ حـَلـَق
She/it(f) shavedhiya hala'ithiya Halaqit هـِي َ حـَلـَقـِت
They shavedhumma hala'uhumma Halaqoo هـُمّ َ حـَلـَقوا


used with modals (must, should, could, want to...

I might shave'ana yimkin 'ahla'aacnaa yimkin aacHlaq أنا َ يـِمكـِن أحلـَق
We might shave'ihna yimkin nihla'iicHnaa yimkin niHlaq إحنا َ يـِمكـِن نـِحلـَق
You(m) might shave'inta yimkin tihla'iicnta yimkin tiHlaq إنت َ يـِمكـِن تـِحلـَق
You(f) might shave'inti yimkin tihla'iiicnti yimkin tiHlaqy إنت ِ يـِمكـِن تـِحلـَقي
You(pl) might shave'intu yimkin tihla'uiicntoo yimkin tiHlaqoo إنتوا يـِمكـِن تـِحلـَقوا
He/it(m) might shavehuwa yimkin yihla'huwa yimkin yiHlaq هـُو َ يـِمكـِن يـِحلـَق
She/it(f) might shavehiya yimkin tihla'hiya yimkin tiHlaq هـِي َ يـِمكـِن تـِحلـَق
They might shavehumma yimkin yihla'uhumma yimkin yiHlaqoo هـُمّ َ يـِمكـِن يـِحلـَقوا


for actions happening now and habitual actions

I shave'ana bahla'aacnaa baHlaq أنا َ بـَحلـَق
We shave'ihna binihla'iicHnaa biniHlaq إحنا َ بـِنـِحلـَق
You(m) shave'inta bitihla'iicnta bitiHlaq إنت َ بـِتـِحلـَق
You(f) shave'inti bitihla'iiicnti bitiHlaqy إنت ِ بـِتـِحلـَقي
You(pl) shave'intu bitihla'uiicntoo bitiHlaqoo إنتوا بـِتـِحلـَقوا
He/it(m) shaveshuwa biyihla'huwa biyiHlaq هـُو َ بـِيـِحلـَق
She/it(f) shaveshiya bitihla'hiya bitiHlaq هـِي َ بـِتـِحلـَق
They shavehumma biyihla'uhumma biyiHlaqoo هـُمّ َ بـِيـِحلـَقوا


for actions that will happen in the future

I will shave'ana hahla'aacnaa haHlaq أنا َ هـَحلـَق
We will shave'ihna hanihla'iicHnaa haniHlaq إحنا َ هـَنـِحلـَق
You(m) will shave'inta hatihla'iicnta hatiHlaq إنت َ هـَتـِحلـَق
You(f) will shave'inti hatihla'iiicnti hatiHlaqy إنت ِ هـَتـِحلـَقي
You(pl) will shave'intu hatihla'uiicntoo hatiHlaqoo إنتوا هـَتـِحلـَقوا
He/it(m) will shavehuwa hayihla'huwa hayiHlaq هـُو َ هـَيـِحلـَق
She/it(f) will shavehiya hatihla'hiya hatiHlaq هـِي َ هـَتـِحلـَق
They will shavehumma hayihla'uhumma hayiHlaqoo هـُمّ َ هـَيـِحلـَقوا


telling somebody to do something

You(m) shave!'ihla'iicHlaq إحلـَق
You(f) shave!'ihla'iiicHlaqy إحلـَقي
You(pl) shave!'ihla'uiicHlaqoo إحلـَقوا

Active Participle

for some actions happening now (movement, thinking, sense)

I(m) am shaving'ana haali'aacnaa Haaliq أنا َ حا َلـِق
I(f) am shaving'ana haali'aaacnaa Haaliqaö أنا َ حا َلـِقـَة
We are shaving'ihna haali'eeniicHnaa Haaliqyn إحنا َ حا َلـِقين
You(m) are shaving'inta haali'iicnta Haaliq إنت َ حا َلـِق
You(f) are shaving'inti haali'aiicnti Haaliqaö إنت ِ حا َلـِقـَة
You(pl) are shaving'intu haali'eeniicntoo Haaliqyn إنتوا حا َلـِقين
He/it(m) is shavinghuwa haali'huwa Haaliq هـُو َ حا َلـِق
She/it(f) is shavinghiya haali'ahiya Haaliqaö هـِي َ حا َلـِقـَة
They are shavinghumma haali'eenhumma Haaliqyn هـُمّ َ حا َلـِقين

Passive Participle

when something has been acted upon

He/it(m) is shavedhuwa mahloo'huwa maHlwq هـُو َ مـَحلوق
She/it(f) is shavedhiya mahloo'ahiya maHlwqaö هـِي َ مـَحلوقـَة
They are shavedhumma mahloo'eenhumma maHlwqyn هـُمّ َ مـَحلوقين