Word details

Word: 'ehueehu   آهُ
Notes: the first vowel is stressed when used before a word, the last vowel is stressed if used after it
Language: Egyptian Arabic
Element: pronoun
Thesaurus:movement: position
Usage: daily


'ehueehu m آهُ
'ehieehy f آهي
'ehumeehum pl آهـُم


EN(over) there!(over) there! preposition

Similar words

EG'ahammaachamm comparative أهـَمّ
MSmuhimmmuhimm adjective مـُهـِمّ
EG'ehueehu pronoun آهُ
MSmuhimmmuhimm adjective مـُهـِمّ
MSsaehimsaehim verb سا َهـِم