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Word: callcall   
Notes: by telephone
Language: English
Element: verb
Thesaurus:communication: transmission
Usage: daily
Rank: 175


callcall inf
calledcalled p
calledcalled pass


EGkallim biiltileefoonkallim bi-iil-tilyfwn verb كـَلّـِم ب ِا ِلتـِليفون
MSnadanaedY verb نا َدى
MSdarab li teeleefoonDarab ly tylyfwn verb ضـَر َب لي تيليفون
MS'ittisil biiltileefooniicttiSil bi-iil-tilyfwn verb إتّـِصـِل ب ِا ِلتـِليفون
EGkallimkallim verb كـَلّـِم

Similar words

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