Word details

Word: (take the) hump(take the) hump 
Language: English
Element: verb
Thesaurus:emotion: emotion
Usage: occasionally


(take the) hump(take the) hump inf
(taken the) hump(taken the) hump p
(taken the) hump(taken the) hump pass


MSAimil wishshuh miyah w'ahidAasharAimil wishsh-uh miyah waacHidAashar verb عـِمـِل و ِشّ ُه مـِيـَه وأحـِدعـَشـَر

Similar words

EN(take the) hump(take the) hump verb
ENtake up timetake up time intransitive verb
ENmaking a speechmaking a speech participle
ENpeace be upon himpeace be upon him expression
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